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Facade Systems

A) Types of Sheet:

  1. 1) Multiwall Sheet
  2. 2) Standing Seam Sheet
  3. 3) Compact Sheet
  4. 4) Embossed Sheet
  5. 5) Corrugated Sheet
B) Properties:
  1. 1) Solar Transmission

    Transparent grades of Lexan Thermoclear have excellent light transmission.Although Lexan Thermoclear has less solar transmission versus traditional glass, we advise for buildings in hot climates or facing south,Lexan Thermoclear in IR version(absorbing infra red) which will reduce the solar transmissions substantially up to 70%.

  2. 2) UV Resistance

    Despite transmitting visible light very well, Lexan Thermoclear Plus 2 UV sheet is almost opaque to radiation in the UV and far infra-red region.This useful shielding property can prevent discoloration of sensitive materials such as fabrics or other organic materials placed under or behind Lexan Thermoclear Plus 2UV sheet glazing in,for example,a factory warehouse,museum or shopping centre. The complete Lexan Thermoclear Plus 2UV sheet range features a proprietary two sides surface treatment designed to protect the sheet against the degrading effects of ultra-violet radiation in natural sunlight.It has superior resistance to outdoor weathering.

  3. 3) Warranty

    SABIC Innovative Plastics offers a Ten (10) Year Limited Written Warranty on Lexan Thermoclear Plus 2UV sheet covering discoloration,loss of light transmission and loss of strength due to weathering.

  4. 4) Thermal Insulation

    The multi-wall structure of Lexan Thermoclear Plus 2UV sheet offers significant advantages where thermal insulation is a major consideration.The hollow form provides excellent insulation characteristics with heat losses significantly lower than mono-wall glazing materials.

  5. 5) Fire Test Performance

    Lexan Thermoclear Plus 2UV sheet has good fire behaviour characteristics, and receives high ratings in several major European fire performance tests.More detailed information is available from your local SABIC Innovative Plastics Service Center or authorized dealer.

  6. 6) Sound Insulation

    The sound insulation characteristics of a material are largely pre-determined by its stiffness,mass and physical construction.According to DIN 52210-75,the maximum obtainable sound is 24dB.

  7. 7) Impact Strength

    Lexan Thermoclear Plus 2UV sheet has outstanding impact performance over a wide temperature range.-40C to 120C,and also after prolonged outdoor exposure.

  8. 8) Hail Simulation

    As roofing material Lexan Thermoclear Plus 2UV sheet is subjected to the extremes of weather;like storms,hail,wind,snowfall and ice formation.Under these conditions,the product is virtually unbreakable and is able to accommodate the subsequent temperature change to sunny conditions without breaking or buckling.It should be noted that when glass and acrylic are tested their failure characteristics are typical brittle,whilst Lexan Thermoclear Plus 2UV sheet shows a ductile deformation one ,e.g. small indentations.SABIC Innovative Plastics offers a Ten Year (10)Limited Written Warranty on Lexan Thermoclear Plus 2UV sheet covering loss of strength or impact due to weathering.

C) Application:
  1. 1) Domes
  2. 2) Skylights
  3. 3) Car Parkings
  4. 4) Canopy
  5. 5) Entrance Canopy
  6. 6) Pyramid


PUF Sheet consist of two facings of relatively thin material sheet profiled preferably and of high strength enclosing a core,which is relatively thick and light but has adequate stiffness in a direction normal to face of the panel.The facings are of steel or aluminium. The core is made of polyurethane PIR mineral wool. The advantages of insulated panel of factory assembled insulated panels are as under roofing or walling are as under:-

1.Excellent and durable thermal insulation

2.Good sound insulation

3.High load bearing capacity at less weight

4.Absolute water and vapour barrier

5.Excellent air tightness and free of thermal bridges which results in considerable energy savings.

6.Surface finished facings providing resistance to weather and aggressive environments.

7.Capacity for rapid erection without lifting equipments,easier installation in hostile weather conditions.

8.Easy repair and replacement in case of damage

9.Long life and very low maintenance cost

10.Reasonable fire reaction and resistance

Architectural Steel

We specialize in fabrication of roofing structures like domes,skylights,canopies,car parks,entrance gates,industrial shades,etc.using Polycarbonate and PUF Sheets. We have full equipped team for designing.